Graduating from senior high school or college? You will need to capture these moments for future nostalgia, right? C’mon; be frank. This age is beautiful; free from the necessary job or personal responsibilities. The world awaits your conquest. So let us make it special for you. One Olive Photography is a professional studio based in Houston Texas that also specializes in senior portraits. 

For us, a senior portrait session is definitely a more memorable and enjoyable experience than a snapshot in formal attire. We add flexibility and personalization to bring out the best.  Also, photos we capture will be stunningly beautiful and have a certain sparkle.  The five factors that we focus on for this include,

  • Posing
  • Clothing along with accessories
  • Hair/make up
  • Lighting
  • And your confidence (which we will amplify!)

We are confident in our portrait photography skills and hope that you can be comfortable, confident, and yourself at your portrait session!  We want you to have fun, relax, and have an amazing experience with us. Reach out to One Olive Photography for more.