Olive Photography is a professional photography studio located in Houston, Texas. Our family photography services include portrait photography, concept, documentary, and candid photography.

So what makes us unique to capture those special moments?

Communication- We will make all in the family feel comfortable. It will not simply be “Say Cheese” to make you smile. Olive Photography captures the emotions you feel at that moment. Our lens goes deeper than what the eyes can see. For this, we first listen and understand what you want. Moreover, we do the same with everyone else who is present during that day to ensure that the world is happy seeing you happy.

Creative Instincts- This quality enables us to capture the ordinary with artistry. From introducing an element of storytelling to experimenting with the photography style, we ensure every moment in your day with us is an “awe” moment.  We want to climb to new heights, try new things, and create variance in our breadth of work.

Passion- Our passion for what we do will be showed in pictures you can cherish forever. The emotion we wish to capture is a real story in every moment, an entire life in every photograph!

Attention to Detail- We at Olive Photography understand that the small details can also make a significant impact. In addition, we experiment with lighting, composition and photography styles as the focus on detail photos. Therefore, an eye for detail is a defining trait that makes Olive Photography stand-out as a family photographer.

Interested to know more? We would love to speak with you. Let’s enjoy your moments together. Cheers to that!